• St Paul’s Church Announcement

     Following advice from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York,
    we regret that public worship at St. Paul’s is suspended until further notice.

     Please be assured of our continued prayers in these difficult times. If you need (or 'would like') support please get in touch.

    Our church is more than the building - it is for the whole community, of all faiths and none.

     Rev. Helen Scanlan 0161 432 1227
     Rev. Liz Rowles  07763 188149
     Rev. Cate Allison 07498 495944                              

    If you wish to donate

     towards the work of St. Paul’s Church, please click on the link below and discover the options available through easyfundraising


    Rev Helen Scanlan
    42, Lea Road

    Heaton Moor
    SK4 4JU
    0161 432 1227


    Sadly, in the present national situation with the Corona virus,
    we are having to suspend our planned 
    Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening concerts for this year until further notice.

    We will continue to monitor the situation and hope that we can offer
    some recitals as the year progresses.

    In the meantime, one of our choir members, Jill Barber, has used her technical expertise to put together individually recorded parts sung in isolation by other choir members to produce a rendition of 'Drop, Drop Slow Tears' by Orlando Gibbons (an appropriate title for our situation) .
    I don't know how she managed it but it is remarkably good and should cheer you up !



    David Bradshaw,  St. Paul’s Concerts Coordinator,  0161 431 4661


    A warm welcome to St Paul's Church Heaton Moor

    You may be looking for the time of next Sunday's service, or wanting to enquire about arranging a baptism . . . . or perhaps you are recently bereaved and wishing to contact us.

    Or simply wanting to find out what goes on at that church on Heaton Moor Road . . . . the one with the tall tower, a distinctive local landmark.

    We are there for everyone, not just baptisms and weddings.

    The church has services on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. Details of all services and other events are on the menu to the left of this page and for a weekly snapshot view please see the tables below.

    Many people do not feel the need to go to church or maybe not every week. But at the same time, they want to feel they have a local church where they belong. At times of crisis, loss, or of celebration, knowing where to turn can be reassuring.

    Whether you come once a week, once a month, once a year or not at all,this church of St Paul is always here for you, and when you come, you are assured of a very warm welcome.

    With my best wishes

    Rev’d Helen Scanlan
    Team Vicar.

    Visit our Facebook page for latest news of special events and add your comments. Please click on .  Also you can check out St Pauls Heaton Moor on Twitter. A welcoming inclusive church in the heart of the Heatons https://twitter.com/PaulsMoor?s=17

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    Little Fishes Playgroup is closed
    until further notice due to
    advice from the
    Church of England and the
    Government in light of the Coronavirus
    and people being put at undue risk.