Who's Who at St. Paul's

It is my pleasure to introduce Cate Allison to you, who joins the Heatons’ Team as Curate for the next three years. 

I am sure we will all be truly blessed by her ministry. 


My name’s Cate (I changed the K to a C as an awkward teenager and have been stuck with it!). God was willing and I was ordained as a Deacon at Manchester Cathedral on Sunday 30th June and I have now joined Helen as assistant curate with the congregations at St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s.

I’m married to John; it’s our Silver Wedding in October so look out for a party invite! I have two amazing grown up daughters and two fabulous granddaughters. The most important thing about me is the one that’s taken me a while to learn; I’m a beloved child of God.

I didn’t go to church much as a child, I always had a strong sense of God’s presence though and as a young mum I found myself at my then parish church, Christ Church, Moss side. It was there that I discovered sacramental worship and the Eucharist remains central to my spirituality. Later we moved to Chorlton and I’ve been worshipping at St. Clements, Chorlton for over 20 years.  I’ve been involved at church in lots of different ways including as Church Warden, a Reader and as a volunteer at our annual Beer Festival !

For the last few years I’ve been the Chief Exec of a small charity in Manchester which supports vulnerable women including women in sex work, and women who are begging or homeless. Before that I’ve done a range of jobs in the charity sector and for Manchester City Council. Although I haven’t really had a planned career, when I look back, all my work has been about supporting women and people on the margins of society. It’s also been about working with other people, developing their skills and confidence and seeing them flourish.

I felt God calling me for a long time before I was willing to listen properly and accept that it was priesthood I was called to. Once I did, it felt both terrifying but absolutely right. That call has led to me studying, supposedly part time, for the last two years whilst still working full time. I have loved it and it’s been a great privilege but it’s been very demanding. Returning to study in your 50’s is tough!
As I’m writing this, things are particularly hectic. I still have some assignments to finish, I’m getting ready to leave work and hand everything over, and we’re getting ready to move house.  John and I are extremely blessed as we are able to move into the lovely house Helen used to live in. I still feel terrified, but it still feels right!

I’m very much looking forward to worshipping with you, learning from you, and sharing our journeys as followers of Jesus.

                                                                                                  Cate Allison

Key people

Everyone is valuable at St. Pauls, and each person brings with them their own gifts, talents and abilities.
A large number of people contribute to the day to day running of the church and ensure the success of the parish and its many activities, ministry and mission.  We do have a Mission Action Plan (MAP).

Below are those who serve on the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and also those who perform other roles within the church.

What is the Parochial Church Council – PCC?

The PCC is the executive committee of the Church of England parish and consists of clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with representatives of the laity.  Legally the council is responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the maintenance of its assets such as churches and church halls and for promoting the mission of the church.

PCC Members

Revd Helen Scanlan Team Vicar
Claire Nash Church Warden
June Rolph Church Warden
John Prag PCC Spokesman
David Bradshaw Treasurer
Judith MCGovern Minutes Secretary
Henry Walker PCC Secretary
Gordon Viney Musical Director
Margaret Hardstone Hall and Bookings
Julian Hardstone Church Maintenance
Helen Langrish Social Coffee
Eleanor Doyle Assistant Minutes Secretary
Patrick Doyle Assistant Church Maintenance

Other Church Roles

Gift Aid Secretary Dr John Langrish
Deanery Synod Representatives Helen Langrish and Judith McGovern

Ann Sawer, Patrick Doyle, John Prag,Colin Ellis, Andrew Masters, Ann Worthington, Helen and John Langrish, Anne Davies, Brian Choopani, Beryl Divine, Kathrn Chesworth

Electoral Role Officer Kathryn Chesworth
Baptism Preparation Team Beryl Divine
Saturday Walking Group Geoff Kay
Health and Safety David Griffiths
Parish Magazine Virginia Lloyd
Safeguarding (PSO) Wendy Walker
Flowers Ann Sawer
Ministry Rota Jane Fleming
Coffee Rota Helen Langrish and Gail Walker
Website David Bradshaw (assisted by Ann Worthington)
Concerts Co-ordinator David Bradshaw

Revd Helen Scanlan assisted by Ann Sawer, Claire Nash,
Beryl Divine, David Griffiths, June Rolph, Barbara Gregson 
and Virginia Lloyd (Music)


Virginia Lloyd, Judith McGovern, David Bradshaw, David Griffiths, Julian Hardstone, Margaret Hardstone, Eleanor Doyle, Sue Allcock,
Iona Hunt, Jill Barber, Angela Ager, Rob Clements, Nigel Allen.

Lay assistants Worship leaders

Lay assistants and Worship leaders play a vital role at St Pauls to fulfil our mission in trying to involve everybody into all styles of worship and into the ministry as a whole.

Worship Leaders

Caroline Hutton, Henry Walker, Andrew Masters, Beryl Divine, Margaret Hardstone, Helen Langrish, Eleanor Doyle.