The Parish Church of St Paul, Heaton Moor

Church History


The history of St. Paul's is presented as two options:
(Please note:  to access either of the following 2 options, it is necessary to hover cursor on the main menu option  'Church History ' and then select the required sub-option).

Option 1:  History Update

An overview of the church to the present day, including a brief history of its origin. It is essentially a pictorial guide and offers an examination of the church, its buildings and its present contents - in particular, its inspiring stained glass windows which can be studied in detail.

(Please note that most photos in this option can be expanded by clicking on the picture and then expanded further by clicking on the enlarged picture. After viewing each picture, just click on the highlighted 'x' on the control bar along the top of the screen in order to return to the main page)


Option 2:  The Story of St. Paul's Church

Offers an opportunity to relive the history of the first 100 years as told by Eunice Openshaw, Secretary to the Parochial Church Council (PCC) at the time of publication in 1976 to mark the Centenary. It is extremely well researched and written in a style which enables the reader to feel that they have witnessed the life of the church as it unfolded.

A fascinating read. (contains some black & white pictures of the times)

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